84V Punch Pack,
Charger, & BMS


84V Punch Pack, Charger, & BMS


Price: $795 $650


The Punch Pack ships within five business days if in stock. If out of stock it will be made to order and will ship 2-3 weeks after purchase.

The Punch Pack is a Plug and Play battery solution for the VESC. With the ability to climb slopes with a 65-degree incline (demonstrated by rider who weighs 175lbs). This pack provides incredible power for your most challenging rides. The Punch Pack helps you push more boundaries and add more fun to your rides!

Tackle Steep Inclines

Gain More Power

There are no modifications needed to use this battery pack. Install or remove the whole system with ease. We also have install videos on our YouTube page. Your purchase includes a charge-only BMS to keep your cells balanced and an 84V battery charger.

This Punch Pack is our flagship pack and will give you the power needed to fuel your next ride. Custom batteries are available upon request!

High powered Molicel p28a Cells

70A Continuous Current / 100A Peak

84V Fully Charged / 72V nominal / 60V Recommended Zero Percent

6A Max Charge Rate

5.76 Ah

484 Wh Nominal Energy

14-22 Mile Range

Compatible with Stock XR Battery Box

Includes 6-Month Warranty

Superior Power

Plug and Play battery upgrade to add way more power to your VESC XR! The Punch Packs specs are:

5.76 Amp Hours 484 Wh with Molicel 18650 Cells!

Includes charge only BMS to balance your cells.

84V charger is included with your purchase with a 1.5-hour battery charge time.

Installation is easy – Check out our YouTube for an install video.

Check Out The Installation Video

How do I connect the battery safely?

Make sure your polarity are aligned correctly to avoid any shorts from happening. All packs are wired for reverse polarity to match certain boxes. It’s recommended to have your battery box disconnected to your controller prior to plugging in. If everything looks good, feel free to plug her in!

How do I power the system on?

Simply make sure all wires are connected. (XT-60) If everything looks good, go ahead and press the power button on your VESC to power her on!

How do I power the system off?

Make sure your controller is turned off. Disconnect the wiring harness, and then unplug the XT-60

What if I do not follow the power sequence?

The current connected may become melted and soldering of a new connector may be required.

Can The Punch Pack replace my stock battery entirely?

Yes and you will experience noticeable torque increase, slight range increase, and slightly faster top speeds.

How long does it take to charge?

A speedy hour and a half with provided charger! Can charge to 100% under an hour with a 6A charger.

Will The Punch Pack give me a noticeable amount of increased power?

Yes! Your board will be able to climb straight up a 65-degree incline!

What if I want to run my BMS at all times?

To run a BMS at all times a separate wiring harness or modification to current wiring harness will be needed.


All in-stock batteries will be shipped within five business days. When inventory is out we will ship within 2-3 weeks of placing your order.

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What payment methods can I use?

You can use Visa, MC, American Express, Discover, a debit card, and Venmo.

What happens if there is an issue with my package?

All orders are insured when shipped, we will track down your package and if lost ship you another battery.


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How long does it take once shipped?

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Can I change an order after I place it?

Yes! Our goal is to keep you happy so we always maintain flexibility regarding customer orders. If your order hasn’t been shipped out yet, we’ll always allow item changes. The main exception to this process are custom requests. We cannot offer changes to a custom product request due to the work and costs involved.