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Noah Bild started eAdventure Power in 2021 while he was still in high school. As a pro Onewheel racer for The Float Life out of Sacramento, Ca, he took third place at the 2021 World Championship Race for the Rail.

Training on the best trails in the U.S. with the fastest riders in the world, Noah was always chasing speed and power while pushing his board to the max. That led him to join forces with a high-tech group of engineers who encouraged Noah to build his own battery packs and sell them nationally.

After manufacturing his battery packs in China, Noah knew he had to pivot and move production to Florida where he could ensure product quality. This was a defining moment for eAdventure Power and set the stage for the next phase of Noah’s journey.


Fast forward to today, Noah has built an incredible team of advisors who have provided access to a large amount of warehouse space, cutting-edge equipment, bulk pricing, and deep expertise in the lithium-ion battery space.

These advisors understand Noah’s vision and share in his passion to be at the forefront of US-based lithium-ion battery manufacturing.

Noah’s goal is to be the premier supplier of lithium-ion batteries for PEV manufacturers and consumers on the East Coast and to move into electric car battery manufacturing by 2028.



Our goal is to grow alongside our customers by meeting their battery supply needs stateside, offering great communication, customer service, and flexibility. As it relates to capabilities, our equipment automates the entire battery manufacturing process, from cell stacking and welding to the final assembly of over 35 different configurations allowing us to accommodate bulk special-order requests. The increased efficiency of our process reduces production time and cost while providing a higher level of quality and consistency. Depending on your production needs, we can scale up or down quickly.


Noah’s team of advisors have been instrumental to his growth and will continue to be by his side as he grows market share over the next five years during which time lithium-ion manufacturing is expected to triple in the US. His advisors include an engineering consultant with mechanical and electrical expertise, the CEO of a large lithium-ion manufacturing plant, a national management consultant specializing in high growth business, and a business law attorney.




Our mission is to build affordable, high-quality lithium-ion battery packs for US based PEV sellers who desire American made products and wish to offer them to their customers.

To properly build a sample pack for consideration, we need to receive the battery that is currently being used in your product. This will allow us to ensure exact specifications are met and to identify where improvements can be made, ensuring a superior battery pack is delivered.

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