Introducing the
84V Punch Pack

The Ultimate Power Source for Your PEV Device

Do you love riding your PEV device, but feel like it lacks the power you crave?

Do you wish you could tackle steep hills and rough terrains with ease and confidence?

Do you want to experience the thrill of riding a PEV device that can punch above its weight?

If you answered yes to any of these questions,

then you need the Punch Pack:

the new 84V lithium battery pack designed to power any VESC-based or PEV device.

The Punch Pack is a


in the PEV industry


unmatched performance,



for your ride.

Why Choose the Punch Pack?

The Punch Pack is not your ordinary battery pack. It is a high-performance power source that can transform your PEV device into a beast. Here are some of the benefits of choosing the Punch Pack:

More Power

The Punch Pack delivers 84 V of power to your PEV device, which means more torque and more fun. You can easily climb steep inclines, accelerate faster, and reach higher speeds with the Punch Pack.

More Safety

The Punch Pack is built with high-quality Molice lithium cells that are tested and certified for safety and reliability. The Punch Pack also features a smart BMS that protects your battery from overcharging, and temperature issues.

More Compatibility

The Punch Pack is compatible with any VESC-based PEV device, which is the most common and versatile controller for PEV devices. You can easily connect the Punch Pack to your PEV device using the included XT60 connector. The Punch Pack also comes with a charger that can fully charge your battery in 1.5 hours.


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Includes 84V Battery, BMS, & Charger for

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Price: $795 $650

Product Description

This Punch Pack is our flagship pack and will give you the power needed to fuel your next ride. Custom batteries available upon request!

Price: $97

Product Description

4S-24S BMS Protection Board Charge Only BMS for VESC (20A Charge Rate)

Price: $50

Product Description

With trail riding and racing more competitive than ever, you need protection so you can send it with confidence! This is the same Body Armor Noah Bild wore at the 2021 and 2022 races, including RfR21 and RfR22. It’s cool, comfortable, and lightweight!

Price: $45

Product Description

The most important protection is needed when trail riding or racing because falls are inevitable. Help protect your hips, tailbone, and butt from what otherwise can be painful injuries.

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